Hello dear daniweb members,
Hope you are all well. Recently I bought a VPS from atlantic.net, I have moved my wordpress blogs under this VPS. Now, I am planning to make one stock lot blog with SMF technology. I heard that, SMF is very easy to use, but I never installed SMF script neither I have much experience on it. In my cpanel hosting, there is a feature of 1 click SMF installation. But I am really not sure about to use that feature. Should I use it or I will take manual process to install this script? What are the advantages and disadvantages of 1 click installtion?

Please help.


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The 1-click installation installs with default settings. If you install yourself, you'll need to specify database information for one. If you are not too familliar with installing scripts, go for the 1-click option. However, if you want to learn, do the install yourself.


Thanks for your reply pritaeas. Can you give me a tutorial link via pm about 1 click installation guide?

Again thanks.

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