IE is screwing up my site. the button headings dont show up in IE. Am i missing something here? all other browsers work fine. I feel like I am cursed via IE!

Any help would be great!

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well, they do show up here. maybe you're still using an old version of IE.
only thing I noticed is that the backgroundimage is loaded pretty slowly

Ah, don't worry about it, everyone hates IE. It does appear that it is working in IE9, but in IE10 the nav links are not showing.

It could be an IE bug, or it could be that you're just doing something that is outside of some standard. A quick "workaround" for this would be to use this in the head of the document

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge">

Which forces IE to use IE9 standard document mode.

The site doesnt come up for me. Did you take it down?

If you want to see how the site comes up on different browsers, try, or adobe labs.

seems like outdated browser. thanks to all for your help. always appreciated!

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