i just got into html recently and i've been using a live editor to help me get better at it.... but now that i think i am, i want to be able to create a signup page that stores the users infos like username, password, email, sex and agreement to terms&conditions etc... please if you have any idea post on this forum or if you really want to communicate with me and share notes or help me get better, this is my fb site==folu.me/akay its a short url... please help

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This request involves processing form input and storing user information on your server. You cannot do this with basic HTML/CSS. You're looking for server-side scripting. You need to learn a language like PHP, JSP, or ASP. PHP is free and the only one of the 3 that I know, so I will be biased and suggest that. With a server-side language you can process the script, pulling the information out of it. Then you need to store the information somewhere, either in a file or in a database. Using a database management system (DBMS) such as MySQL is the preferred method.

On a side note, you usually shouldn't need to store that the user accepted an agreement to terms & conditions. On most systems this will be a requirement for registering, so if they did not accept the T&C, you simply don't register them.

I hope that helps somewhat.
- EF

Unfortunately, using 'live' editors is not learning html, to do that you need to start from very basics, don't try running before you can walk, google 'html beginner tutorials'
If you need a quick fix, try wix.com, you should be able to do all you need there with the minimum of knowledge, but sorry, you won't learn html that way.

If you want to store information, you can store them in a Database, save inputs on a csv, etc. there are plenty of resources on that: google it, youtube it, daniweb forum search it, bing it, etc.

PHP & MySQL solve your problem, buy for dummies book and start learning step by step :)

buy for dummies book and start learning step by step :)

They aren't the only ones... there is also Wrox and headfirst... etc.

They aren't the only ones... there is also Wrox and headfirst... etc.

And then there's a library, or is that too old-school these days? ;)

there are computer languages books in libraries??? o well i'm not sure they will even be in my country-Nigeria

regarding that matter, maybe you should practice first php and mysql.I assure it will work..

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