Hi all. i'm having the prolems with my blog, when i view it in firefox or chrome, it works fine, but it in IE9, i found too many issue, first, the footer too large, and suddenly some border appear, you can see those errors in the pictures below:



Some border appear in a picture below


In chrome, its normal.


Myblog : http://thegioidulieu.blogspot.com/
Thank in advance for any helps :D

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problems with viewing blog in internet explorer 9

I don't like to click on links. In ther future post your CSS code on Daniweb then used Daniweb editor to insert the image.

If you're not using a css reset, I would recommend using one. It will reset the styles so there is a better chance of your site looking the same across all browser.

Here is an HTML5 css reset that works well

I would also recommend a quick read on css box model. It may help point out something you are doing that is incorrect.

And if all else fails and it seems to be something that a css reset or following best practices with a box model does not resolve, try targeting IE with an IE only style sheet and fixing the problems there.


Well, when i removed the "shadow" elements, i didn't see that problem like before. It work fine.
Many thanks for your idea

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