Dear :D
I would like to ask?
what is the relationship a database with WEB?
and what it does later when the database has been completed made​​?
because I am still confused, it causes too many kinds of languages​​, and applications for building design for WEB
beg for his review discussed
thank you

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I'm sorry, I really have no clue what you're trying to ask. I assume English is not your first language?? Databases are used to store large amounts of information. They can power a website, a desktop application, etc.

Multiple languages can tap into the same type of database. For example, it's common for both PHP and Ruby to access a MySQL database.

Simply, it ties two table togeather.

For example, You have two table ... one called blog, with a column called catId, and another called catagory. Add a business rule that states a blog entry must contain a category.

If you have a relationship between blog and category, where the reference is on blog.catId and, then you would not be able to add a row in blog, without making sure there was an entry in blog.catId pointing to an available choice/row in category.

ggamble, you just described a relational database. I could be wrong, but I don't think that's what marta is asking. I think they are asking what the relationship is between databases and web languages. I think.

yea ... now that I re-read it, that could be ... so ...

marta ... like Dani said, its a way to store information that can be used to make a web site dynamic, and be more efficiant in storing the information it show to the user.

There, that should cover everything ;-)

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