Hi, would anyone know what this type of html page function is call? I seen two that I really like but can't look up the info without knowing what it is. It is like a slide show but this one one the user can control with the arrow key back and forward. Here are the link: http://cotytarr.com/Portfolio/Quick-Portfolio/1/


I know ti is a html page perhaps with javascript function, but have know idea what these type of page is call.

It seems just a bit of ordinary javascript, the best way to find out how a function is called or implemented is to have a look at the code, have you done that? You cna download the html and even the script and figure it out from there. However, I would discourage you from doing what it has been done in the first link: having a cursor that looks like an angle bracket pretty much all the way through the picture seems really silly, the controllers (the angle brackets ) shoul be implemented properly and there are dozens of plug-ins available on the net that just do that, and do it in a nice way. Also, I have noticed that the cursor changes in the middle of the picture from an angle bracket to something that reminds me the windows 8 logo. How is a user supposed to know that that particular icon means "thumbnail?" I find it absurd and not accessible, so my advice is, even if it is nice, don't use it.

The second link seems more reasonable, if you click on any thumbnail you will notice that the picture opens up in a new page, so all you need there is just a bit of html. Hope this helps

I tried looking at the code but it was a bunch of code jumble together that confuse the mess out of me. I agree the second link is nicer. I tried that on a sperate page but once click on the photo it open up to a page (hyperlink) and the user have to click back to the main portfolio page each time which is a bit of a pain in the butt and not really user friendy. Was trying to figure out out the designer stay on one page for example as the second one and have it connected flowing backward and forward to image without always have to go back to the main ink almost like a well control slide show. I know it is in java from the address bar information and javascript shows up on teh bottom right hand corner, but I don't know the name of this technique to look it up on youtube or google.

What is this call

mos likely "a picture gallery" (web) app.
(flash free finally)

Ah, it could be thank you. I need to look it up because most picture galleries always have thumbnails underneath. But their are so many new function and coding since I started years ago and so many things as change. I been brushing up on my coding and amze me of how much things have change or gotten better out on the web these days. Oh yes, flash free finally:)