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So I know I'm going to get grilled, but I'm an average-adequate javascript/html/css coder. I know my way around, but there's a lot of advanced features I do not know of. A friend wanted me to build a site for him, told me about what he wanted, then I looked over potential website editors and figured wix would be a good combo of what he could do without my help and what I could achieve. After we purchased the domain, I discovered a range of more advanced features he left out from the beginning, so now Wix is useless because they don't offer the html/php/javascript compatibility I need. What is the best editor in which both my friend who has no code knowledge can update the site, while I can do the coding aspect and "hard-stuff"?

I don't know such editor, but I would suppose an altnernative strategy. Implement WordPress or Drupal which can be extented whatever you want and in which your friend can add content, without the need of any programming knowledge.

Agreed with C#Jaap. When you have users that need to update content dynamically and don't have programming experience, this is usually a job for a CMS. There are number of them out there including the ones mentioned above.

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