Sir Macneato, Can you create me a PHP (Web Page), with good design and functionality? Our design is about dating online, it's functionality in REGISTRATION should have, Firstname/Username, Lastname, Email address(Primary Key), Create password, Password confirmation, Birthdate(date), Gender(radio button), CAPTCHA checking. Then it should have database(i can manage that). Please help me? :( If the email address is already use, there would be a message box appears and also in the PASSWORD and CAPTCHA. Please Help me sir.

How do you intend to pay for this consultive design process
This is not a 'do my homework for me' site
people will help you, debug YOUR work
but if you expect more, you are in the wrong place
google search for a tutorial on database integration, and begin yourself

You can post a Job Offer in the Business Exchange section of the site if you'd like.

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