hi guys,

I want to install wordpress on my pc ( i have windows 7), but it says that it is already installed, even though it's the first time I try to install it. I reach to the point that it asks the password for the wordpress for the site but on the next step it gives me an error page that says " Wordpress already installed".

Any ideas why this is happenning? Thank you all in advance! :)

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  1. try droping the database present, if any from the DATABASE Server

  2. download a fresh copy of wordpress and then try. At times wordpress incomplete installation sets some variable which tells wordpress installation process that the system is already installed.

My suggestion is similar to sinhakuaurabh,

Wipe the database. It really is a pain to mess with a pre-structured database unless you know what you're doing.

Otherwise it sounds like the database is either incomplete or half of it in the settings area is pointing to another domain so it's half pointed at your pcs localhost and maybe to a type like "localhrost"

Just my opinion.

delete database you created for wordpress and download new wordpress and create new data base and then install WP i hope this work

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