When in my page an e-mail to contact is sending it take some time. How i can put the bar that informing the user that the e-mail is sending and when the message is send to do another animation and then redirect to another page. I hope you unterstand what i want to do
Thank you very much

You have several options, but since you to provide additional feedback to the user after the message has been sent, i think it would be best to incorporate AJAX into your code.

The flow of you web application would be something like...

User submits to send an email, you send the data back to the server via AJAX, show the user an animation, process the request server side, send the client back validation that the request has been completed, show the user a message validating, then redirect the user.

You'll need some code server-side, PHP, Java, ASP.NET... I assume that you have that part working?

AJAX sounds intimidating if you have never used it, but its actually very easy to use. If you know some jQuery, AJAX is even easier to use.

Yes. I presume that you are posting a form to populate and then send the email? and after the email is sent (database updated etc..) take the user back to a "Thank you" page?

You need to use JavaScript (with jQuery preferred) to place your animation on screen when the submit button is clicked (after successful form validation, of course).

I've used this simple modal plugin in the past