I have a web page under construction and while doing browser checks I noticed that Chrome does not load the page correctly on the first load. Every time I clear the cache and load the page it load completely wrong but after one or two refreshes it loads fine and then continues to load fine until I close and reopen the browser or clear the cache.

So far Chrome is the only one to do this. The orange logo should be in the middle with two links on either side. When it loads incorrectly the logo gets pushed to the right and only two links display, on the left.

What could be causing this?



I tried with Chrome and the first time i accessed the page, the only issue i saw was that your Nivo slider didnt render correctly. A refresh fixed the problem. I've cleared cache tried to reproduce the problem and have not been able to.

The only other issue i can see if that Chrome's console reports a problem with a 404 on a script that you are referencing.

http://jessetessman.com/MHT/scripts/jquery.min.map 404 (Not Found)

I have no idea how to go about fixing this, as it's not a persistent problem. Like I said, a couple of refreshes and it fixes itself, but I can't have it always loading wrong the first time.

Do you have any idea what could possibly cause a problem like this? Have you ever seen it before?

The problem is that I wasn't able to reproduce the issue that you described. Have you seen this issue from more than one PC?

It's happening on all three computers I've tested it on, two different macs and one PC.

Put the jQuery and Nivo slider scripts up into the head of the document and test to see if it does the same thing with it there.

You might also try putting into a document.ready instead to see if that changes the behavior on how it loads.

$(document).ready(function() {

Changing it to document ready did not fix the problem but putting the slider scripts in the head did the trick! Is it "acceptable" to have the scripts in the head section or is there something I should be doing to make it more correct? I've always read that scripts should be right at the end of the body.

The JS can go in the header, it is just good practice to put it in the footer if you can, this way if it has a problem loading it doesn't cause the rest of the page to render slowly. Sometimes you just can't avoid putting it in the header though with scripts that affect the dom.