You'll need to be a little more specific about what you need help with.

Just learn html and css and javascript and php and json and xml, only.

I think at one point or another I posted a reply, much similar to this, but I'll post it again for ya.

There are two things you need to learn for designing a website from start to finish. First is an understanding of Photoshop and a knowledge of web design and layout. The second is a knowledge of HTML, CSS, possibly some Javascript and Dreamweaver (Recommended).

Once you've understood those elements, you can start designing your website in Photoshop. This step is essentially crucial, because in order to design a website, you need to know how it's going to look! In the web design world, your website designed in Photoshop is called a mockup, or if you want it's called a blueprint.

Once you have your mockup created, you can start designing your website in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Dreamweaver will allow you to code your website and help organize it as well as uploading it to the internet via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Hope this helps you a bit!

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I don't know about the need for Photoshop and Dreamweaver. If that's all you've ever used, fine, but there are loads of open-source (essentially free to use) software out there. See GIMP, Aptana/Netbeans/Eclipse/BlueFish or a plethora of other IDEs, FTP Client also abound, like Filezilla. You don't need to spend a penny on software.

You could create a static website with little more than a rudimentary understanding of HTML and CSS. There are also many template-driven free hosted (and self-hosted) packages available. You'll find that these packages/sites will produce a better result than anything you could do yourself until you gain enough experience with markup and styling.

You can create website in wordpress or joomla, it is easy to use.

(1st way.)
you can also create website using the Weebly. (Website Builder)
[ this help to those who don't know how to create website as it like drag and drop ]

(2nd way.)
Now a times most preferable language for website Designing is: PHP
So if you know PHP then it's the best
then off HTML 5, Javascript, HTML etc...

.net is best option to build your site effectively

Or download some free templates from the net and edit based on your requirememts.

For creating a website you must know some webdevelopment skills, like: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and so on..If you not familiar with these languages then try wordpess, blogspot, weebly....

visit w3schools.com and learn html, css and some javascript