I was invited to join 2 people in forming an online business. The peoples responsibilities were 1. CEO/marketing/sales, 2. Frontend design (me), 3. Backend, database, etc. Well to make a long story short, the backend guy, way over in Finland, has no time, now that it's his turn to develop. #1 + #2 are both in California. So I find myself in the position of now owning 45% of this not yet launched business. I have already developed the web site, all pages are created. Here is my question...

What sort of framework should I be moving towards in order to have users a.) login b.)be able to fill out/upload a pre-determined template for their profile, company and such and also be able to add events, add reviews to others events and even follow others who are registered "service providers". All while having our "staff" be able to edit their content, but not vise versa.

I am familiar with some CMSs and started setting up Joomla 3.2 because it has the more expanded user access now.
But as I was trying to determin the user groups and access levels, it occured to me that what we want these logged in registered "service providers" to do in order to start their account may be beyond a CMS.

Do we need to hire/persuede another backend person to do the database, search functions and build out the logic for events, reviews and such or are any of the current CMS's in a position to do this?

Appreciate your time,

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Have you considered using something like SalesForce? It is cloud based and best of all it could grow with your business. It is not that expensive and would help you with both employees and clients.

Depends how much work you want to do, what skills you have and what you may want to do in the future.

If you want to write it yourself (without another person to manage databases later on) you could use a PHP framework and write it all, but this takes a certain degree of skill.

You could look into WordPress plugins, like this. It only half fulfills your requirements, but it may be difficult to completely satisfy them.

The application you are describing is a bit beyond any conventional CMS, so it looks to me you may need to consider the option of writing it from scratch in a server side language I'm afraid.

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