I am not sure which forum to post this in, if this is the wrong one, please forgive me and tell me where to post.

I would like the info that is put in on the contact me page to show up on the confirmation page so that the person can see what info they sent.
I want my confirmation page to show

You message has been sent
We will email you at (the info they put in should show up here)
or call you at (the info they put in should show up here)

Thanks for you help/advice

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I assume that you working on php

If you want to put confirmation page in between, and on confirmation, send it to real handler page.

YOu can echo output using post array

echo "Name: " . $_POST['name']."<br>";
echo "Address: " . $_POST['address']."<br>";
echo "contact: ". $_POST['contact']."<br>";

<form name=frm id=frm action='handler.php' method ='post'>
<input type=hidden name='name' value ='<?php echo $_POST['name']?>'>
<input type=hidden name='address' value ='<?php echo $_POST['address']?>'>
<input type=hidden name='contact' value ='<?php echo $_POST['contact']?>'>
<input type=submit name='Submit' value ='Confirm'>

thank you for your reply.
I don't know how to implement this just yet, but I am working on it.
I can't believe this is eluding me right now

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