Some friends and myself are starting a web project in wordpress, whereby we'll need to access the same core wordpress files remotely from our home pcs.
Is there a way to have the core files "centered" somewhere, and each one of us can branch them, do our own modifications as required, and then merge these modifications on the "centered" core again, thus avoiding overwriting of the others' codes in case we are modifying the same php files etc?

PS. We don't have any "server" as such which can be accessed 24/24, just xampp installed on Windows to host the site locally on our individual Pcs.

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What about something like GitHub? or some cloud site?

If you actually need to code to run online your only option would to have some sort of hosting. Even a basic (or free) package will cover you.


thanks for the info guys, will have a look at these 2 mentioned options and see which suits better

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