That's perfectly fine. I wouldn't expect anything other XD. Is new years. Time for everyone to chill out


Alright so I have changed on the #body-wrapper overflow to hidden (In body-wrapper.css) and it would appear everything looks similar to Google Chrome when opened in IE. But Firefox still seems to not be showing that about 15px padding on the left of the body section. You can see the examples below... any suggestions? Also one more quick question, when it comes to testing browsers should I mainly only test using Firefox, IE, and Google Chrome?

Google Chrome: http://imgur.com/Wcnm1iX
Mozilla Firefox: http://imgur.com/KPQ3uwF

If what I'm saying isn't clear enough I can add some red boxes to point out exactly what I'm talking about. I'm hoping you can see what's wrong but I suppose it might be hard if you don't know what you are looking for. I will try to update this post with some red outlines but right now I have to head off to work. So I only had time to show the pictures.

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Unbelievable... sometimes I'm amazed by my stupidity. The reason it Firefox would not look like Chrome (with the word-wrap) is because I didn't space between "WelcomeTo"... so it wouldn't wrap arround. Haha thanks for the help everyone

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