We are having trouble fixing the padding for the mobile view of our website at navigatedivorceguide.com.
The authorize.net cart was afflicted with a box that went off the screen to the right side. After correcting that, the photos on the rest of the web pages have gone partly off the pages. Also the text needs more padding around the sides. Our web expert is working on this but having a hard time coming up with a solution.

Any ideas about how we can fix this would be appreciated - thanks!

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Time to learn/understand how CSS works, and configure your system accordingly. The question evokes many complex answers that your provided information does nothing to help with... :-(

@aliieb do not expect people to go and check your websites. Post your code and explain what is expected and what is actual result. Also I'm inclined to move this to web development since fixing html is not part of native mobile development for Android, iOS or Windows

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SO why isn't your web expert asking this question?

Right, it is definitely time for me to learn how CSS works and why isn't our web expert onboard with the question?

I just thought I'd give it a try, hopefully to pass on helpful clues to our expert.

I have been told that "this is how it works": the web expert hits a wall and then there is waiting. I'm not in a big hurry but do like to keep trying to find the solution...if this were a broken bicyle, I could find someone who knows how to fix the broken part.
Isn't coding like engineering...but is it more - or is it less like a broken part?

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If you show screenshots of the problem and provide the relevant css, perhaps somebody here could help.

I just thought I'd give it a try, hopefully to pass on helpful clues to our expert.

heh heh

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