I am making a website and for some odd reason the site does not load up properly. Parts of it have been removed and the older version shows. Also, the images and the .js/.css does not load up properly? How do i get it to show up properly?

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I somewhat get your issue? You are basically making a site and the problem with that site is that the site's elements don't show up? Well, either i am wrong or not on what i just read and how i interpreted it, can you at least provide us a link to where your site is so that we can see what you are seeing?

Also, make sure your files within your directory are properly placed and make sure your code itself points directly at the files within your directory (sorry if that sounded weird, i am typing this message on my phone)


idk if it is just me but aside from the fact that the site appears to be a mockup of another site, i believe you have an iframe somewhere (based on the 2nd scroll bar that i see)


Hmm, i also see that your site has some awkward coding in some places. Also, try switching your file name to something else and see if the content shows up. Also, clear your cache and all that fun stuff to check if your site is properly running.

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