m updating a website which has been created via Dreamweaver but am having problems uploading the files that I change. It used to be a case of Ctrl and s but it doesn't update but gives me the error message "An FTP error occurred - cannot put index.html.553 - can't open that file. Invalid argument". And nothing within the server will change after I renamed the files.

The file (index.html) does exist because the website is working (www.restorationonline.org.uk). I would really appreciate any assistance you could give me but please keep in mind I am new to Dreamweaver so I don't know much. Thank you for your time.

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Is your user space on the server full?

Have you run out of replacements? The .553 extension indicates a UNIX server, and that you already have 552 other versions of the file floating about in previous version files. Delete the old versions.


Use some other software for uploading your website...

I recommend use CuteFTP or any other Free FTP software...

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