I am an uberflash noob.

I am trying to make an interactive map of the northeast region that will be used on a webpage. I want the map to be able to do "state" specific rollovers which i have managed to complete by making each state its own symbol as a button.

On the hit state i would like the image to grow and display my companys branches, which i will link the text to a mapquest link in order to get directions.

It seems like everything i had was working untill i previewed the movie and saw that the hit state wasnt visible.

Any tips on creating interactive maps? Any helpfeul tuts on web buttons for flash?
Please anything on this would help

It doesnt work because the hit state is what triggers the button. i.e. You have text that you want to work as a button. If you dont specify a hit state they have to click on one of the letters. The answer is to put a rectangle in the hit state. It does not show, but the person can trigger the actions of the button by moving over where you placed that rectangle.

Up state - how the button looks normally
Over state - how button looks when cursor is hovering over it(over hit state that is)
Down state - how button looks when mouse button is held down (over hit state again)
Hit state - what triggers the button.

good luck.

in the timeline for the button it will show u those options up, down, over, hit ect.

if i create a keyframe for the hit state you would figure what ever changes u make in that keyframe would then appear in the hit state.

Let me know if i am wrong here... I have to put another "action" rectangle over the same area i want to change for the hit state

like i said not too familiar with flash but i will continue to play with it...

if you have any other tips or hints i would appreciate it! thanks

The hit state is invisible on the button. The only visible states are the up, over, and down. As I mentioned, the hit state only specifies the trigger area.

If your button is just going to be words, then you definitely need a hit state because the only clickable part would be the letters. Thats why you put a rectangle in the hit state (yes you have to have a keyframe there). It will make the triggerable area anywhere within the rectangle that was placed in the hit state. That rectangle will not show up at all because it is in the hit state. If you want to see the rectangle when you are holding down the mouse button, you would need to put it in the down frame.

Hope this helps. It is confusing, but once you get it, buttons are easy.