I bought 1 GB mp3 player written on it "Sony NS-11" Digital mp3 player,after 2 days while I was listening to some music ,it stopped playing suddenly and the screen went blank I thought that the battery was out but it still the same even with new one,when I connect it my PC it works well ,it is defined as Generic MSC Recovery USB device,I can transfer files from PC to it and vice versa but I can't play music on it,Any one can help me
Note: I searched for this model on SONY site but I didn't find any I think it is fake

Hi There,

I have read about this MP3 Player. It is NOT an official Sony Product, with some 'bodged' firmware on it. I know the '256 MB' models format to about 100MB.

Mostly these devices are for sale on the Indian market, although I wouldn't rule them out being imported into other countries.

Sorry to say it, but you've been done.

I have to agree. i have heard of these scams. I hate to say it but you have been duped, scammed and bamboozled.

Where did you buy the product from? you could threaten to pursue legal action or you could turn them into sony for using a trademarked name.
just a few suggestions

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