My name is Shannon. And i was referred to you guys (this site) by a friend. I need help. I have recently purchased a Great Quality XZ 5361 Laptop offline and it didnt come with these following drivers: Multimedia Audio Controller, Network Controller, PCI Simple COmmunications COntroller, & the Video Controller (VGA COmpatible)
I was wanting 2 know how much its going to cost to purchase them or if i can just download them from the internet. Whats the best thing i should do PLEASE HELP!!!

You will first need to find out what brand your mainboard chipsets are. This will be an excellent start. Once you find this out, you can search online for the drivers. You should never have to pay for them, but it might be a small task to find all of them. The quickest way to get these is to contact the manufacturer, or call the place you bought the computer and find out if they can provide you with the drivers. Hit us back if you make any progress, or let us know if do not make any progress.....Good luck!