I can't seem to connect this to any computer via usb.
When I turn it on it says "HDD read error" and goes straight to the radio.
Tech support told me I need to format the player to get rid of this message, but I can't connect it to my computer to do that.
I use Windows XP and its not recognizing it.
Any suggestions?
Thank you for your help!

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I´m having the same problem did anyone tell you how to solve it!!!

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Why don't you guys try installing the driver for that MP3 Player. They should have provided the driver CD along with the whole package.

Thks... YOu now I solved the god damm problem the HDD is so sensitive that is damage for the movement.. I think they make a great mistake with that HDD, all I recive is Cracking sound from the HItachi MINI HDD.

Is just simple is fuck up!! Thks... for everything....!!

See you soon

I have had the HDD READ ERROR for a few weeks now. Finally broke down and called the customer service line. After a long hold time I was told by some new underling that since it was out of warranty I was out of luck. I didn't like that answer so I asked for his supervisor. Per the supervisor " open the player with a screwdriver, find the wire connecting the hard drive to the circuit board, reconnect and use a drop of super glue to hold it." He said that when people send their players in for HDD Read Error that is all they do to fix it but that they don't tell people that unless they are out of warranty. I haven't tried it yet (need to find a tiny screw driver first) but it can't make it worse I guess.

Ok, I tried the fix that I talked about in the earlier post and IT WORKED!!!! I didn't super glue it but it still worked. I have had to do it once again since I initially tried it so maybe I will glue it now. I don't know that I will be getting another COBY product any time soon due to this. Hope this helps.


I've got the same problem with my 3month-old MPC951. Is it an easy fix for a non-techie? You don't have any pictures, by chance, to show what gets reconnected where, do you?


I've got the same problem with my 3month-old MPC951. Is it an easy fix for a non-techie? You don't have any pictures, by chance, to show what gets reconnected where, do you?


It really is a very simple fix. I'm an idiot when it comes to things like this too. I found 2 wires that go from a silver block the size of the player to a white plug on the green board. These wires have the other half of the white plug on the corresponding end. Just make sure that the two white parts are pluged in really well. I was told you can super glue them but I still haven't and it's working fine.

I had this exact same problem with my player, about a month after I got it. I got busy and a month later I finally contacted the company. They told me I would have to ship it back to receive a new one. So I did, spent almost $20 to ship it back, waiting my 4-6 weeks to receive a new one.

Last night I received the new one in the mail. My husband informs me that it is doing the same thing as my first one. So I ask the obvisous question "is it the same one or did you have to open a new box?" He told me it was new as he had to open all the plastic and things.

So I call coby today after reading this post to see what they tell me. (I took notes of the conservation)

At first the rep told me I would have to send it back, minus the $6 MO i sent the first time, and they would send me out a new one in another 4-6 weeks. So I ask "Why do I have to spend another $20 to ship it back, wait another 4-6 weeks, and then take the chance of getting another one that is messed up?" He tells me "you will not take the chance of receiving another one that does the same thing as this is not a common problem and we never get complaints about this problem." Well that was news to me after reading this board, so again I asked the same question, and he asked me to hold. Comes back and tells me that his 'supervisor' told him that the problem is a lose wire in the unit that needs reconnecting, and they take them apart to fix them. He did not recommend that I take it apart, because if I messed it up then I wouldnt be able to send it back, since it was already past the warrenty (which is their fault due to the lack of speed to receive a new one). If I would just ship it back to them, they would send me another and I wouldnt have to pay to get the new one shipped to me. So AGAIN I ask the same question, " Why should......". So then he tells me that he cant bend the policy on shipping because its a corpate policy and they are not allowed to change policies unless corporate tells them its ok.

He also told me that normally happens is during shipping they get bumped and the wire becomes loose, and that is what makes the HDD read error show up. (gee thats nice to know that you know what the problem is but still have yet to fix it with the players)

So I ask for corporates number to speak with them, puts me on hold again and comes back telling me, " There is no # for you to call coporate at, we do not give out a # for customers to call them. Only we have the # and are allowed to call. We are the call center in OH and the corp office is in NY. You can send a letter in with your player when you send it back about your complaint and ask for your $ back then." At this point I was over it, and just drug it out for as long as I could asking the same question and asking about their customer service.

To sum it up, they have no customer service, you can not call the corp office to talk to them, and their product sucks.

I emailed this page to my husband, for him to fix it for me.

3 years later (November 2010) this fix worked for me! This unit is awesome in many ways (recording analog directly to digital) and as a player. It was great to have it up and running again after a year of no luck at any other solution! Many thanks folks!

I´m having the same problem did anyone tell you how to solve it!!!

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