I've recently bought an android phone called Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade). its currently on android 2.1, and i was wondering if there ia an update available for it to go to 2.2 or 2.3, and if so how do i do it?
I dont want to root it, so is there an official update for my particular phone?

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hi, wouldn't it be best to contact you service provider or the company that makes the phone

1) can upgrade to gingerbread Eclair 2.3 OS 2.1 OS. It is always free! However, Pan from 2.3 operating system has not been released to anyone but only gingerbread SDK was released. However. you will not be getting 2.3 soon (see below ). bad news

2) SDK means Software Development Kit SDK Google launches version for the next enlargement, in this case Gingerbread OS 2.3, 1-2 months before they release the OS update ... In this case, do not expect to see Pan's 2.3 operating system updates sent SDK before 01/01/2011 was published last week !!!!!!!

Why is the first SDK ??????? If you're a techno genius that can write code in Linux pure Android source code ... and sell applications on the market ... Youwill need the SDK version so you can 1) update existing applications on the market to work with the new OS and 2) make new applications for the operating system ...

3) the firmware is 2.1 ... that means your operating system is Eclair Andriod OS 2.1

*** The bad news ****------ friend .... Just to clarify you can not upgrade to OS gingerbread 2.3 to saying that you can ... and trust me dude ... rely on the master pulse !!!!------------ Mini droid is the top of the case to update the list ... Well for starters ... still havent received Froyo 2.2 Update operating system yet! Lmao! When all have 2.3 in our droid ... could only get 2.2 ...

Do not feel bad ... some people in Europe are just getting Donut ... Some are now receiving Eclair.

didnt really understand half of what the guy above me said lol, but i think he's basically saying: at the moment i cant upgrade. So i guess i can mark this as solved.

I'm not comfortable with the impact of security, not sure I have the technical ability to do with the tools found online to date. I have not checked recently, but retired a few steps, do not understand. My phone is too expensive to risk on something as trivial in the big picture.

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