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The samsung sph-m350 (Samsung Entro) version one; has a software glitch.

This phone is fairly new on the market & has a less then par operating system (L4 OS).

The Entro has a built-in function to automatically shut off when the battery level reaches a certain low and this is where the problem arose in my case.

I was in the middle of sending a text message when the phone started the auto-shutdown sequence. I figured if i tried turning the phone back on, i could finish sending my message, then shut the phone down until recharging. However, when i tried turning the phone BACK on, it would not fully start. It seems there is a problem in the launch sequence software because the first screen you see is a loading bar that fully loads, and then restarts the launch! This continues until the phone dies.

During this glitch, the phones buttons are unresponsive - even the power button.

I pulled out the battery and reinstalled it. (same problem)
I plugged the phone into the power source with the battery in. (same problem)
I plugged the phone into the power source with the battery out. (same problem)

With the battery out, the phone should NOT respond when hooked up to power, however mine did. I've heard this being referred to as "ghost charging"

I called samsung and they told me to bring the phone to my service provider (bell) and bell told me they need to send it away. Apparently, my phone was the third samsung entro that week with the same problem.

I only paid $150(aprox) for the phone out right (prepaid) so i wasn't expecting an amazing phone, but at least something that would last a year or two!!

To end the story, i sent my phone away last week & the rep at bell told me it could take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to get fixed....... Please, do yourself a favour and DO NOT buy this phone. Save your money & wait for some later software versions!!!!

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