I carry a Palm Tungsten C PDA, a Motorola flip phone and a Toshiba laptop around. Lately I have become interested in carrying less hardware to do the job my 3 chunks do now. I can't find a succinct explanation of the virtues of the various ipods, tablets, ereaders (did I mention the Kindle tucked away in the Toshiba's case when I travel?)etc.

Is there a single thing that is available to replace the chunks of electronicity that I use now?

What do you use your laptop for? I believe the Tungsten was released in 03 so it is a bit outdated, any current smartphone could easily replace its functionality.

A iphone could successfully replace all four items your are currently carrying around. If you use your laptop for the basics like web surfing and emails it could easily be accomplished with a iPhone. Heck I even use my iphone for remote access, it gets the job done. Both iphone and ipad have a kindle application which will import all your kindle books into it, just remember the ipad requires a wi-fi connection for internet.

If you don't mind carrying around the kindle or having something against apple, any android would work for you. The only thing the android would not be able to do is bring over your current kindle books.