i tried to setup a wifi network using my samsung wave S8500 phone through the mobile AP setting. however when i tried to connect it to my windows vista laptop it showed that the access was 'local only'. On further investigation I realized that the IPv4 connection was local and IPv6 was limited.
I set the options to obtain IPv4 automatically and did the same for DNS and IPv6 but to no avail and when i try to disable the WPA protection it says that the action is not supported by the network. I tried rebooting the connection, phone and computer but nothing changed.
Im not sure its a computer problem though cause when i connected it to my ipod it said that it was connected to the network but it didnt load any web pages.
My regular wireless internet router works great on my laptop but i want to use my phone connection on my laptop as the 3G speeds i get while browsing on my phone are 4-5 times faster than those provided by my router.
Im running out of ideas. Please suggest something.

So, you are trying to run the phone as a mobile "hot spot"? Does it support USB tethering? What mobile OS does the phone run?

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