my Dell insprion 1501 was showing a messag everytime i turned it on "Battery nor recognised, system will be unsable to charge battery" However, i pressed enter, ignored this messgae and it was fine. the other day i turned it on, had the same message and this time it didnt charge up. The led on the Adapter is still green. someone told be to run a bios from the dell Website (A16 i think), in the process of running this bios my computer shut down and wont turn back on? any solutions? Do i buy a new adapter and Battery? or is it the motherboard? or entirly different issue? Thanks Amanda

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have you tried the laptop without the battery and just the mains plugged in?

- Let us know how it goes.


yes try without the battery and just the mains, If completly dead and no power than simply replace your laptop charger. This because sometimes the charger can still have its light on but is not sending the power to the connector pin at the end of the ac adapter, We sell the dell inspiron 1501 charger at the location of [snipped]

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