I have an everex SA2050T laptop that powers up when plugged into the ac adapter and with the battery installed. If I remove either one, the laptop shuts off. While plugged in the battery light indicates it is receiving a charge. It will not run at all on battery alone. It will not run on ac adapter alone. Has anyone ever experienced this? If so could you share your experience about solving the problem, or if you have a solution, I would much appreciate your kind assisstance. Thanx!!!!

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Hello, Afoolery -

Unfortunately, the symptoms you describe indicate that the battery is on its last legs. It's almost dead. Soon, the system will not start up with the battery installed at all because all of the voltage is going to recharge the battery.

You will need a new battery.

Fortunately, there are companies selling replacement batteries at reasonable rates. Here's a search for your particular computer at amazon:


I don't know if any of those look like your battery. It's normally good to remove the battery and find the battery model number to get an exact match.

I hope this helps.

i agreed with davidchilders, your battery is going to died off soon. How long have you been using the computer and also when you purchase a new battery do not charge your laptop overnight this will shorten the battry life. I try this and kept on charging my laptop overnight, a year later the battery dies and i have to but a new one. Well, i am not sute what your battery looks likes so i can't recommend you any.

Thank You DavidChilders and Jingda for your rapid reply. I had a feeling what you said was the case. I wanted be sure before purchasing a new battery. I will confidently do so now. Thanx again.

Your welcome afoollery. Do you have other problems as well?

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