i purchase recently Notebook Compaq NC6400.

our friends suggest me that i install it Windows 7 i accept our friends request.

then i purchase Windows 7 ultimate and install it on our Notebook Compaq NC6400 after the installation i install drivers all drivers install properly but FiguresPrint and Bluetooth does not install properly please send me drivers or solution for windows 7

i wait your response.

i need your suggestions.

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Here is whole package from HP website. Your best choice is to use Vista drivers, however you need to choose if 32bit or 64bit version since I do not know what Windows 7 version you used.

i use windows 7 32bit ultimate \

i already check this option

Well then only route left is to find out from whom and what models are these components and check manufacturers websites for appropriate drivers

» Microsoft Windows 2000
» Microsoft Windows Vista Business (32-bit)
» Microsoft Windows Vista Business (64-bit)
» Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise (32-bit)
» Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise (64-bit)
» Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (32-bit)
» Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
» Microsoft Windows XP Professional

your netbook driver for bluetooth is not compatible by your operating system.. see all operating system i listed which is supported by your netbook compaq nc6400...

if you want to install your bluetooth driver try to select the following Operating System listed above..... here's the link of their driver's...


hope it will work for you.....

@benmar congratulations, you just provided same link as I already did. Next time please read previous replies...

bundle of thanks

have you another solution.

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