Well, I've had my Gateway laptop for a while now, and I've never had any serious problems with it.
Today, out of nowhere, the cord just stopped working in the middle of charging the laptop. I felt it, and sure enough, it was very hot. It's been very hot like that a few times, so I thought, 'Oh, no problem;it just needs to cool down.'
About an hour later, the cord was perfectly cool and back to normal. My brother tried plugging the laptop in because it was nearly dead, and told me that the cord wasn't working. I made sure it was plugged into the port and outlet correctly, and even changed outlets a few times to see if that was the problem.
It wasn't.
So now my question is: is the cord broken, or does it still need a rest? It was working perfectly just four hours ago, so...

A bad connection, or bad wire which have excess resistance will generate the heat you felt. The cable is fubar. Contact Gateway, and if they resist replacing it free, tell them they are lucky your system didn't burst into flames, resulting in a costly lawsuit and a lot of more money in your bank account (assuming it didn't burn you up in the process)... After all, if it had caused a fire, and you were asleep at the time, what might have been the outcome of that? :-( They owe you, and in my opinion, a LOT more than a silly cable!

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