I recently downloaded the Windows Media Player v.7.1. Whenever I put in an audio CD, the old media player, the one that comes with Win98 opens up by default. How do I configure the new player to open up by default? :!:


Doug :mrgreen:

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This is how to change file tpes to the program you want to open them ,apply this but direct it to c:\windows \mediaplayer ,i haven't used win98 for a couple of yrs now or media plyer 7 ,so there may be an easier way to set it a default


Thanks Caperjack;

If I remember correctly, the last time I downloaded the media player it prompted me by asking if I wanted to make it my default player. v.7.1 is the last version of this player that is recommended for Win98 BTW. I did look at the link you sent me but it is of no use as Win98's My Computer dosen't have a "tools" option on it, the example shown must be for XP. I'll wait, maybe someone else will have a suggestion.

I will be upgrading my computer soon anyway and going to XP. I'll be moving Win98 to a laptop to use primarily for my loudspeaker measurement software/hardware ( see link below )


Hey, your from Nova Scotia, I have relatives there in Weymouth. I come from the Moncton area myself.


Hi, in win 98 the options is under edit !
as for NS i'm in Cape Breton

Thanks Caperjack;

The only thing I find in My Computer under the edit drop down menu is (1) select all and (2) invert selection. Everythin else is shaded out.

i haven't use 98 for awhile trying to go by my bad memory ,i have a ME computer here but it has Tools in my computer .it should be under view or edit ,any go across the top and look for folder options under one of them .

I have a problem with Windows Media Player 7.1, it seems that any CD that I put in it plays the CD faster then really time. So that every CD that I play it sounds like really fast and high pitched. Any way to change the rate at which it plays?

Dougie, if those other menu options are shaded and unavailable then you have a problem with Windows itself. You should ensure that your system is free of viruses and other malware (our Viruses and Nasties forum section will help you with that). Then you should reinstall Windows 98 by popping the Windows CD in the drive and running 'Setup' to reinstall Windows over the top of itself. That should correct any system corruption you have there.

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