Hi. Well my laptop just recently began to shut itself down automatically and it happens very often now. At first I thought it could be overheating but they laptop feels fine and pretty cool. I thought it could be a programme so I did System Restore to a date WAAAAAY before the problem began and it still didn't fix the problem. The laptop suddenly went off and so I tried turning it back on using battery power and the battery itself was at least 80% full (or so the laptop said) and it wouldn't come on so then I tried turning it on with only the power jack only and it came on. So I thought to take out the battery and use only the power jack and this worked really well until it just suddenly shut off again while I was playing music. The power jack itself is bent but I've never had any issues with it before.

Laptop: Toshiba Sattelite L750

If there's anything else you need I'll be sure to post up more :)

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So it could be that your battery is. It charging properly. If it works OK while connected to AC power that helps support this theory. Now if your power connector is damaged and you move it while plugged in with no battery, it will shut down.

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If its the battery problem, then definitely there will some some indication show to you saying its low battery. But, if there is no such indication, then I am sure it is the processor getting heated.

The processor does not give you more heat where you can feel that. But, if there is some dust blocking the outgoing air through fan, then the system shuts down immediately.


It's a case of overheating, though you don't feel it from outside. There are heat sensors on the motherboard that are sensing high temperature rise and shutting it down. Do you hear a rise in the rpm of fans just before it shuts down?

Things you could do to rectify this:
1. Clean it thoroughly from inside.
2. Check if all the fans are working
3. Check & replace the thermal paste between the processor and its heat sink
These should take care of it.

How long has this been happenning? If it has been behaving like this for a long time, cleaning would take care of it for a while, but unfortunately damage has been done. Abrupt shutting down will hunt you again after a while. Only solution is to change the motherboard.

Thanks so much everybody. It just started 3 or so days ago. Is it too late to save or do I need a new motherboard?

As for the other questions - I have heard the fan go pretty loud once in a while but I'm not sure if it is right before the shut down or not?

I tried the battery yesterday and it was good so yeah I think it might be the motherboard :) THANKS again :D

Maybe its the Video card.. it happened on my desktop before

My Sony VPC13fx died recently and had nearly identical symptoms that you are decribing. It was an Intel core i7 unit. Started with some shutdowns lkike you described. Power pack made some occasional high-pitched sounds so I bought a new power pack. Seemed ok for a few more weeks, then would'nt start-up except with battery remmoved. SO I ordered a new battery. Would'nt start-up with new battery either. Continued to run without battery for about 2 weeks, now dead, only 14 months old. Sony repair would be $600.00 plus freight both ways. Out of warranty of course by 2 months and they won't bend. So, I write on my new HP core i7 - waaay superior machine $729.00!!

I would blast some canned air in the vents to ensure dust build-up is not the issue. Also try another power pack. If this doews not do it, then the VGA card if separate may be issue, otherwise it's probably new MOBO time.

Specs: core i7, 8gb, 750gb hd, 17.3" screen (yes, it's big AND heavy). Beats audion with sub-woofer has great sound, 10hr battery life!!! I have gotten about 8.5-9 hrs actual use. Can have two (2) internal SATA hard drives and expandable to 16gb, USB 3.0, DVD/RW drive.

My old Sony: core i7, 500gb, 8gb MAXED out, BLu-ray (HP does not have at that price), 1.25-1.5hr battery life (ugh)!

Miss from the Sony: Backlit keyboard, lighter weight.

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Here's something to look out for.
Do you use the laptop in any of the following ways:
- Sit in bed with the laptop resting on the blankets on your lap?
- Sit the laptop on a cushion on your lap?
- Sit the laptop on your lap, instead of a flat hard surface?

Sounds silly, but I have recently seen 2 friends of mine have this problem because of one or more of the above. It's caused by the cool air intakes being blocked/covered by your lap/cushion/blankets underneath...and therefore can't get cool air.
It's such a simple thing, but many people (including myself) have done this!

Also, Check the CPU (processor) core temperature for over-heating using a free temperature monitor:
SpeedFan: http://download.cnet.com/SpeedFan/3000-2094_4-10067444.html
Core Temp: http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/

If that's not the issue, another simple thing to check is that your air intakes aren't blocked with dust/fluff, and also check that the cooling fan is coming on when the laptop heats up a bit (you should hear it).

If it just needs a little more cool air from underneath, maybe get a laptop cooling-pad:
Reviews here: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-9700201-1.html

Hope this helps: Mark @ http://www.lifeweary.com

i don't think its the motherboard ,get a can of compressed air and blow the dest off the fan and heatsinc ,it doesn't take much to cause them to over heat .or also it could be the bent power cord causing as short

Thanks again everybody -i will try all of the suggestions :D

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