First of all, sorry if this is the wrong section.
I've been looking over the forum quickly, and this seemed the right place.

Anyway, I'm looking to replace my current laptop with a more game-capable one.
For a while, I've been looking at the Sony Vaio series, but the graphics cards in there are rather disappointing.
Do you guys have any recommendation for a powerful laptop?
I aim to run games at medium to high, except heavy games like the Witcher 2 of course.
I will also use it for on-the-fly rendering in Maya. I've got a far more powerful computer to do the actual final renders.

It's just performance I'm in for, don't really care for a certain design or an SSD, and I've got my own windows version to install.
My budget is just above 1000 euro.

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hmm, thats a bit above budget for me (1500 dollar = 1072 euro)
but with import taxes and normal taxes, it's a bit on the high side.
still, i'll keep it in mind, thanks

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