I repair all types of computer's in my spare time at home & also LCD monitors.
Question is! I have a this HP laptop of my friend & client where he spilled something sticky, most likly pop on the center portion of the keyboard & lost function to most of the keyboard buttons. I took the keyboard out of the laptop & took it apart by removing the plastic backing & did have some sticky substance on & inside the area where the buttons are attached.
I went ahead & ordered a new board cause I didn't know how to clean it properly & also figured it might have shorted out the tiny buttons anyway & it would be a waste of time trying to repair it so i'm just going to chunk it in the trash & be done with it.
All the buttons seem to be working ok & not sticking & the inside area arround the motherboard is good & clean with no liquid in there.
The plastic is on the lower portion of the keyboard to protect the lower componant's.
The laptop is one of those that has the large 17.5 screen & the great looking silver keyboard.
Is it worth trying to clean & repair?
Does liquid completety destroy one?
I heard you can take a desktop keyboard completely apart & toss the top portion with the key's in the dishwasher & clean it that way.
I've taken them apart & cleaned them with achohol & air can but not in a dishwasher though.
Happy New Year!

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I think (I could be wrong) that if you clean it then dry it quickly it must work
Hope this helped you .

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