lenovo is just in the intial stage in the laptop industry

Lenovo took over IBM's laptop division so to say they are in the initial stage is misleading. They took over a well estqblished line. I have found Dell laptops to be reliable and the service is excellent. I have bought four Dells in the last few years. One was for my older son who used it from graduation through his PhD. He still uses it as his home laptop although he now has an Asus for work. My younger son has an Alienware that he uses for gaming. He bought a lower end Dell for casual use when the hinge on the ThinkPad broke (it still works fine, but the screen is permanently locked open). I have an Inspiron 1720 that I bought in spring 2008. I would not hesitate to buy another Dell.

I have had 3 Lenovo laptops for work. All of them have suffered from bloatware. The latest one is constantly busy even though it ought to be doing nothing. The hardware itself seems fine. I just wish I could wipe out all of the addon software.

well both the brands are not that much big but choosing between these two would lead me towards acer as the best choice

Lenovo vs. Acer laptops, i like the Acer laptops because it has good qulity and strength compare to lenovo. where as lenovo has also good hardware supports but According to Acer is light weight and good features, So i prefer Acer Laptops.

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