Laptop starts but does not boot

More info needed to resolve please.
What brand laptop specs,OS & specs.
Details on exactly what its doing.

Laptop will turn on but will not boot. HP pavilion running vista business. Attached outside monitor with nothing.

Have you tried booting from other media?

my greet to eveyone on this forum site. well, firstly, you must use the genuine operating system with which your toshiba was originally registered. otherwise it will generate problems every now & then.

I assume you resolved your issue with it not booting?
Sure would like to know what you found.

What operating system?

Any error messages?

while using internet suddenly my laptop will show one message (Driver stopped responding )????

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pavitrabalse07 Go into event viewer & you can get more deatail of the issue at hand & then send the error report to Microsoft unless you can figure it out for your self.
Go into device manager & see if theres a exclamation mark by one of the hardware items.
gives you an idea what hardware device stopped responding.