I'm interested in the HTC One. It is reported to have a 'hard to damage' polycarbonate case and seems to have great user reviews. My issue is with AT&T selling this phone for $549.00 without contract (* $199.00 with a 2 Year - which I do not want!*) when it appears to be the same as the HTC Google Nexus One phone which is selling online for much less.

After a little research I found the HTC One and the Google Nexus both came out at the same time in 2010. Google was selling this phone direct to customers for $249.00 but then closed the online stores in favor of marketing through vendors. Or in other words, it appears they got greedy and decided to rebrand and hike the price by almost 50%/

So now I see all the advertisements for this phone (that is basically two years old but is being touted as the newest thing on the market..) and I'd like to know is there any difference between the HTC One/ Google Nexus One that was created in 2010 and the phone being advertised today?? The form factor/ size is unchanged and at first look my guess would be the only difference might be in the OS version/ Chipset and camera.

Even if my assumption is correct, that still would not justify such a blatant rip-off in my opnion.

If you have the details, then hit me up.

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My friend, HTC is the one of the best mobile company in the world. And now a days it released the one model which is HTC one. It has 1.5 GHz Quadcore Processer and its up comming version its comming with 1.7 GHz processer. It is having large screen of 4.7inch. And the most important thing is that its camera has been approved by Nikola.


I own a HTC One and absolutely like it. Also I am developing an app for it. Since I am not a professional I use an SDK for this task. There is a page that deals with app development for Android and offers code snippets as well. In my opinion the information provided by the page (if you are interested Google on "voip-sip-sdk/page 456 - How to build an Android VoIP client") was really useful. In case any of you would like to develop an own app for Android this infrmation will probably provde useful.

I have HTC explorer and I think this is the best. I used iPhone and the touch is very similar to that of an iPhone and it is fast and I get 12 hrs of batter life. I personally feel, Android will capture the Mac market in mobile segment.

I have two Nexus Ones, a Nokia Lumia 900, and a Nokia Series 40 feature phone (C3-00). They each have things to like, and things to dislike. As a mere phone w/ nice texting ability (full keyboard) the C3-00 is great (has WiFi also). Since the N1 is getting a bit long in the tooth (almost 3 years old now - mine is 2 1/2), it is somewhat dated, but has a ton of apps. The Lumia 900 is a Windows 7.5 phone, so it is mostly single tasking, but it does include Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive, which allows me to navigate even where there is no cell coverage (it downloads the maps to the phone and uses GPS to navigate), and I like the turn-by-turn navigation better than even my Garmin Nuvi GPS.

Honestly, most smart phones these days are just plain awesome! Spend some time at various phone stores playing with them and then decide which works best for you. Expect to pay about $600 for an unlocked smart phone. You can get a Lumia 900 from AT&T for $50-100 subsidised with a 2 year contract. I think the 920, when it comes out in a month or two, will be around $100 or so.

I don't know about the HTC One, but the Nexus One is 3G/Edge and 802.11b/g WiFi only. The Lumia 900 is LTE/4G/3G/Edge capable, as well as having 802.11b/g/n WiFi.

Oh, and I have a Nokia N8 but since the SIM card slot broke a connector it is now an awesome camera w/ WiFi capabilities! Until the Nokia PureView phone, it was the best camera available on a phone, fully capable of recording professional quality HD videos with its 12 megapixel camera (with Xenon, not LED flash). That is a Symbian operating system device.

As a disclaimer, in case you were wondering why I have so many Nokia phones - I am a Nokia engineer... :-)

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