i got my T720 for 3 weeks only, and when i just able to upload my wallpaper, the phone gave up on me...... here is the problem:

one day while i was on the PC i put the phone on top of the speaker.
when i decided to look at the phone (b'cos there was a pic of Jennifer Love) i open the flip and the screen was off (the phone was on all the time), and when i turn back and looked at the smaller monitor on the back, it's still on date and time (usually if the filp is open the smaller monitor will switch to Motorola), anyway i found it strange so i decide to press some buttons but no responds from the phone, so i close and open it a few times nothing change......
i then plug in hand free and try to make call, and it works.......
i found it very strange so i decided to open the back case and took the battary out, hoping that it will resets the phone........ but after i place the battery back into the phone, i couldn't switch it on again, when i press the power button(this time it works) the screen will just flash once and off again, and unable to power up the phone.......
now i can still charge battery with the phone, but just power up the phone anymore.......

just wondering have this every happen to anyone?

i'm in australia now and i got the phone from HK, i don't know if the warrenty will apply because they(australia motorola) says we are not meant to upload anything with USB cables, we meant to just use WAP, etc.

please give me some advice, thanks very much


Re: Problem with T720 80 80

I got two words for you. Play stupid.

Call up technical support, and tell them you were going to download something from WAP, and the phone just started going crazy. Make sure you sound very stupid, and never mention WAP. Instead of saying WAP, say "the phone online thing" or something like that. If she needs you to do stupid tests to the phone, play along.

About your problem, I have no idea. My best guess is that something could have got screwed up on the upload to the phone.

Sorry for your troubles.

Re: Problem with T720 80 80

i've sent my phone to Motorola in HK, and they say the motherboard on my phone is very unstable.....so they replace a new motherboard........i'm still waiting for the phone to be send back to me (hope it doesn't have SARS), and i hope they didn't just replace my new phone with some second hand phone.


i'll let u know what happen when the i get the phone.

Re: Problem with T720 80 80
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Ok, My uncle works for motorola, infact, he wrote about 1/3 of the software in that phone and he had this happen once to him (I've had my t720 for 2 years, and they got released in october '02! Guess how I got it in september of '01!) you made an honest mistake, when you put it on the speaker, the magnets seriously farked up the rom (memory thinggy that makes the phone work). it will also happen if you put ir near a large electric motor. Also, you may have accidently shorted out 2 of the pins on the bottom and killed a component inside.

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