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i would love to try and help you, but i dont understand what you're asking.
i'm assuming your screen is just randomly going blank? if that's the case, the backlight might be starting to go... is it a laptop, or a desktop?

i think wou should first try to clean up your RAM...and than try again and if not start replay again..

Firstly,try to output your laptop to another monitor and see whether the screen is coming or not.
IF yes,then the problem is with your screen,If no then try to clean the RAM and then check

The system might go to sleep mode. If not, change your system's power plan settings. Cleanup RAM using third party software available on internet. Disk Defragment is also good option.

it also happens with my desktop. but i hve to restart it in the end. i have reintalled the window as wel. but this problem is there.
why this happens?

It might be a 3rd party application that you have installed and is consuming your machine's resources (RAM). Try to check if any app running in backround which is taking too much of your RAM, stop that application and check if it happens.

Could you give a few more details? Please list, exactly, your hardware, and all the 3rd party software you are running, especially the anti-virus programs.

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