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I am Peter Fabian. I am using Galaxy ACE duos phone. When I try to connect it with my Hp laptop, the laptop is not detecting the device. I tried reconnecting it in other port but still the device is not detected on the laptop. What is the issue? What can I do to solve this problem? Waiting for quick responses. Do reply


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Phones can exhibit at least two distinct "personnas". One is as a removable USB device. The other is as a USB communication device, modem, etc. Are you SURE it doesn't see the phone in any capacity? Go do the Devices section of the Control Panel (I assume you are running some variety of Windows), and see if it shows it listed there in some capacity.

For whatever it's worth, Android phones when plugged in may not appear as a usb drive - you may need to set the phone properly so that it appears to the system as a drive. Ditto if you want to use it as a modem. I know that I have to deal with that when I plug my Andoid phone (a Google Nexus One) into my laptops (both Linux and Windows).


Rubberman, Hi. How do you "set the phone properly so that it appears to the system as a drive"? Mine is a Chinese phone with Android OS that will show on Device Manager on pc and laptop but cannot be accessed via "computer".

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