Hi i am the student of final year of computer systems engineering... working on my Final year project(rfid based attendance system using android tablet pc) ...

can any one tell me that, i can use any microcontroller with rfid reader? or there is a specified list for it?

kindly reply as soon as possible!

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What are you using for the rfid reader, and what is its hardware interface? In any case, the answer should be "probably". Certainly ARM, MIPS, uC controllers, etc can handle the reader <--> computer interfacing. You might even be able to use an Arduino board. That said, if the reader has a standard usb or serial interface, then you may be able to interface directly to the tablet.

my teacher have concerned me that u should use only a rfid reader with a tablet using usb connection..
but project committe requires some more hardware for the project...
can i add some relevant functionality to the project to increase the hardware?
but i need to stay on android!

Hey There are lot of microcontrollers available.For RFID read project may be PIC controller is best choice. and also PIC 16F778A controller is enough for your project.otherwise you need to transfer fast way of data you go to choose AVR.This is high speed data transfer controller.

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