my daughter's android phone will not turn on. Is there any way to get her phone turned on or have her material extracted from the phone instead of doing a hard reset?

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Here are a few things you can try:
1)Pull out the battery and leave it out for 5 min then put it back in then try to turn on the phone.

2)Get a battery you know is good(from a phone the currently works) and replace the one in the broken phone. Attempt to turn the phone on.

3)Try a hard reset.

4)If the phone is still under warenty take it in for replacement

5)Take it to your cell carriers store.


I would have similar problems with an android phone, when the battery had been allowed to die completely. Despite plugging it in to charge, there was no charge indicator and no sign of life. Plugging it in to the PC (with Kies installed) via USB didn't give any indication of the phone being attached.

I found that leaving it on mains charge for a couple of hours, then removing the battery, waiting a few minutes, and then reinserting the battery allowed me to restart the phone.



Both are right on the battery charging and or warranty path.

The Kies software allows the phone to be plugged into a PC USB port and have it show up like a usb disk. However, you can also use android apps to have the phone share files over SMB, FTP, bluetooth, so there are other options as well.

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