According to you, what can be the features of a perfect smartphone?

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For my choice Samsung Galaxy is best Smart phone.Its having Android application.So i like this Samsung smart phone.

This is a 'must have' conversation after the one about the motherboard..? Android is an O/s not an App but that might just have been a language problem?

The feature for any good touch screen device is the ability to react to the touch in the right manner in an realtively rapid response time, clarity of the screen, and a good reliable connection to your service provider (that does imply a good coverage from the service provider). After that can you use it to talk to someone with out cutting the other peerson off accidentally? It's a phone! Then apply your needs camera, music, gps, avaliable apps for you operating system on your phone na how good they are. i.e/ if you want a good mapping system then maybe not APPle?

I think Samsung Galaxy S4 will dominate the mobile phone industry.The Samsung Galaxy S4 is considered the most hotly predicted smart phone ever from the Korean brand, along with a glut of top quality functions, it's the most powerful as well as desirable gadget Samsung has established yet.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is my choice according to the features. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung looks and feels impressive, because of its sub-8mm thickness and its weight of 130g. It still feels light, but not so much that it feels insubstantial or flimsy.

hmm, the perfect smartphone?
Lightweight (no more than 100 grams), small (no more than fits easily into a front pocket of a dress shirt), big screen (10"+, thus directly conflicting with the first two requirements), full size qwerty keyboard (which is about 10 times larger than the maximum size of the device), 2-3 month battery life on standby (the maximum size and weight of the device make that impossible), 2-3 weeks actual use (ditto).
And oh, an old fashioned rotary dial to dial numbers would be nice :)

Ergo, the perfect smartphone does not and cannot exist as it is a series of contradictory requirements.
As is, my 2 year old Samsung XCover is serving me reasonably well, and I hope it will last at least another 2 years though the way the battery is degrading I might have to replace it (or maybe find a replacement battery) within a year.

I agree with jwenting, at a fun-damental level! :-) However, with practicality speaking, I have to say it depends upon what your needs are. I have both an Android and a Windows phone, and my wife will give up her iPhone when I pry it from her cold, dead hands! FWIW, the Android is my personal phone (a gift from Google at a Linux conference a few years ago). The Windows phone (a Nokia Lumia 920) is my work phone (I work for Nokia). There are things on each that I prefer to the other. Nokia's mapping and navigation tech is second to none, and our camera tech is also. Our proxy browser tech also helps to significantly reduce your data load when browsing the internet (60-90% less data usage), though our biggest competitor in that field, Opera Mobile, is similar in performance (sorry boss, but I had to say that). Because our maps are fully downloadable, and can navigate solely from GPS, you can still navigate accurately even when in "dark country" (out of range of cell towers), which you cannot with Google Maps (or at least not yet). We also cover pretty much the entire world. I have used our maps for Central America and Mexico to get to some pretty far out (of the way) places - and the maps and service are free! :-)

Smartphone is called smart because it makes our daily life more smoth with its smart features.I think Smartphones have Fast Processor with high resolution gaming display,Google RAM,Latest OS with High quality camera.Supports all types musci /Video formats...

A perfect smartfone include all features which we need in daily life, for example a good camera, waterproof device, flash light, fast processor, document reader etc.

from my point of view, it must be security and Apple is keeping the perfect work .

I think iphone4s is the best smart phone. I like it so much!

hmmm.... features:My world revolves around social networking. so for me social networking is must.

samsung galaxy s4 rocks.Its battery back up is quite good

Maybe the features to unlock the world of Narnia. :D just kidding, i think a perfecto smartphone should have these features: multi-window mode, always-active touchless control just like on Moto X with "OK Google" phrase, 360 panorama photo but with fast picture taking (no lame one by one photo fraction taking), off line Google Maps and Google Earth with the entire data of this planet (or maybe with cloud server that can be downloaded anytime with free internet cost, just like Google search on some developed countries), a moveable camera just like on Oppo smartphone, and many more.

Hey hi :)

According to me, features for perfect smart phones are

Battery backup
good camera
fast processor
document reader

Battery backup(2500 mah or greater)
Good processor(Quad-core or better)
Ram(1 GB or more)
Internal Storage(16 GB or greater)
Camera(5 MP with LED flash)
Good Display(250 PPI or better)
Screen Size(4 inches or greater)

At present Note 3,Nexus 5,Moto G,Moto X are good smartphones to buy.

iPHone 4 - 5 is Perfect Smartphone For Use

It would be perfect for me, if I could completely control the thing. I am not happy with not being able to install and delete as I want to.

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