How can i put DVD movies onto my SD card so i can play them using Windows Media Player Mobile

I've done it on my treo 650. There is software for palm is called pocket dvd which compresses a dvd enough to fit on an SD card. I had the whole of War of the Worlds on a 128MB card. The bigger the card the less you have to compress and the better quality you get. It takes ages though about 3-4 hours. once compressed you can use you pda software to transfer the media to card as you would with anything else. You will also need a player that can play the video file in the format you have created and install on your pda. i'm not sure what software you would use for windows mobile. I think there is a windows pocket dvd though.:rolleyes:

Ok i have since found DVD TO AVI (FREEWARE) and have been then converting and compressing them into wma for ppc files using movie maker. a 1.5 hour film takes like 2/3 total