I cannot send a web page to an account email..
when i clcik on share it send me to message but does not go..then i uninstall message..and now i m trying to send a web page to a friend or in work..

Samsung galaxy tab2 here...
Take a snap shot of the web page then share the picture with a snap shot of the webpage, via email, wifi share, or direct connect...Voila!
Open the disired page, tap on the browser menu, tap share (make sure an email account is active and ready to sync in settings) send fhe email with the page link.

Awesome!! Actually, there are some cool smartphones or tablets that not only can take the snap shot of web page, but also to crop the important part of the snap shots and send it to email or socia media. I think Samsung GALAXY Note and Tegra Note/HP SLate 7 Extreme have this feature.

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