Have the Proscan PLT8802G-20140314. Want to install apps to the 32GB SD Card. Manual poorly written and need guidance especially the currently installed. This is on the Android 4.2.2

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Go to the Manage Apps page. Applications that can be installed on the SD card will indicate that when you click on them. Many cannot, but many can, including things like Angry Birds. If they can, the "Move to SD Card" button will be lit up. I have an old Android phone (Google Nexus One) with only about 192MB of RAM, so I have moved as many applications as possible to the SD card. That has left me with enough space to install applications I would otherwise be unable to.

Well... Can you use google play? Cause i got the same one

Well, like @rubberman said apps that allows installion on SD card will indicate when you click over them, what you can do now is head over to the Settings>application manager>Tap over the application and if that application allows moving over to the SD card then you will see the option "Move to SD card" just tap over it and it will reach over to the appropriate place.

oh. i have a piece of junk that can't run google play because the company lost the liscence

@oriclon I must say you do looks frustrated with your device ! Better to get a new one rather than cursing the older device just try remembering the time when you have get it ! You was soo much happy with it ... :D

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