I have GT-i9000 device. I cannot open any app that is installed in my device. it gives me error when i open any app. Errors:

when i open whatsapp i get error: Whatsapp com.process.whatsapp.. and close automatocally after pop up error.

when i open playstore error: google process com.google.vending

process com.google.android.gm

process com.google.android.apps.uploader
and many more errors. Looping error is com.google.process.gapps something like this... I can not sync account neither remove gmail account. i factory reset my phone didnt heppen nohting. I factory reset my phone from recovery... nothing happen app wasnt installeddd... if i delete my apps one by one adn then resart my phone and tht apps i deleted it returns back I flash with odin my phone nothing happens... i tried to do custom recovery and install cyanogenmod but nothing... i did a lot of things but i couldn't reset my phone. is there any another way to set my phone ? here i make bad qualty video of gt-i9000(my deveice)

Please HELP HELP HELP ME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiE5viNXfXI

all of first it was dead devce. I reflash with odin and use firmware from sammobile for gt_i9000. I reboot my phone and after rebooting i got all errors like com.whatsapp, com. google.android.gapps (and still recive these errors after restart my phone)and after this errror i get configure first setting(name date wifi bla bla language..). after set configure setting i got setupwizard errors. i couldn't do nothing. i restart my phone 2 times my phone and i could access to the setupwizard(home).
But i couldnt opn any app whn i opn any app give me process error whn i opn play store 'com.android.vending' i had all apps that were i installed long time ago. when i factory reset.. doesnt happen anything.. apps arent delete. when i connect to my pc.. and copy any file to my phone internal memory and when i disconct to pc. and check in phone and that file doesnt there..

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