Hi i need some help with a problem i have encountered. i recently acuired a laptop from a freind and it works great, but the keyboard got ripped up by a cat or something. this laptop is an acer aspire 5720. i then got a keyboard off of an older acer to replace the broken one. the problem is when i try to type, etc. most keys are unresponsive and the ones that do work do the wrong thing - eg, the f5 key is comma, the 9 key is backspace, ect. is there a driver or something i can change in the bios for this older keyboard to work on the newer machine? or should i just buy a new keyboard for the laptop? i have searched around and i couldnt find any usefull info, so any input is appreciated. haha get it? input? cause im replacing an input device? hahahaha.

thank you.

Sorry for the bad news but i have never seen a keyboard work with a laptop it is noy supposed to, Too many different factors on the ribbon cables and connectors i beleive

First you just post in an old thread more than 3 months old. Second it is possible to use a notebook keyboard on another notebook. Works with laptop also.