Dear all! I am gonna devlop a launcher in android studio in which icons of all apps are created(app's original icon+some effects) at run time. Kindly provide me suggestion, what should i do? I am having problem in making it's logic. Thanks in advance...!

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In other words you have had an idea but don't know how to implement it?
You say you have a problem with the logic but you don't even tell us what that is. How are we to help you wth that?

Not to discourage you but there are too many launchers today. As I read the one thing you need to think of is "Can I do this?"

I'm a big fan of taking on an app that at first looks just beyond the scope or scale of what I know I can do. Over the years I've learned that you get a better view and see the end after a few weeks or months into a project.

However today I'm encountering clients and folk that think that major apps can be made in "Two Weeks." Maybe if you rip off someone else's app and claim it as yours? But who does that?

Android apps can be challenging even to seasoned app writers. Have you at least completed a dozen apps before you try a launcher?

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